Necessity is the
mother of invention

After seeing the educational videos out there, I felt that some elements were missing: breadth, variety, and warmth. And I knew there must be a more innovative approach.

Edccelerate is comprehensive because I’ve learned the importance of high-quality academic materials during my two decades of experience in educational publishing. But this program is personal, too. As a mother of three children myself, I know how much kids need that warmth that comes from humans speaking to humans, especially right now.

With Edccelerate, you can be sure you are getting exceptional educational support that has the quality, variety, and warmth that every learner deserves.

Welcome to Edccelerate.

Christina Castelli

CEO & Founder

Edccelerate is a community of certified teachers, curriculum writers, assessment developers, and industry professionals who are committed to supporting and filling gaps for learners at all stages. Our expertise places us at the forefront of education in blended learning, all-virtual learning, special needs, ELL, and more.

Bring our expertise into your home for a robust, engaging learning experience!

Our creative resources benefit learners in numerous ways:

  • Videos to watch and learn at your own pace
  • Worksheets directly related to video lessons
  • Online quizzes tailored to the topic, with immediate feedback
  • Live sessions to interact with teachers and moderators

Our promise to you:

  • Our content is fully vetted, created by licensed educators and educational support professionals alongside curriculum and assessment creation experts, and it is appropriate and safe for children of all ages.

  • Learning never stops, so neither do we! Our libraries will continue to be expanded on a weekly basis with fresh, new material for our learners.

  • We listen! Please take the time to provide us with feedback. We read every single comment. This site is for YOU, and we want it to be clear, functional, and fun!
We have so much in store for you!

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