Our programs

As a diverse collaborative team of certified teachers and curriculum and assessment experts, we have a unique perspective on eLearning. We think students, parents, and teachers should feel empowered to choose the topics they would like guidance to learn, how to learn it, and how to assess their understanding. And we think they deserve the highest-quality resources in order to do so.

This is why we have created straightforward, muti-faceted instruction for students, parents, and teachers through comprehensive video libraries that are filterable, searchable, and targeted.

No gimmicks. No fluff. Just robust, high-quality, engaging content.

We pair visual learning (video) with tactile learning (downloadable scaffolded worksheet) and interactive technology learning (reactive online quiz). We also offer live small-group think tanks to reinforce concepts, provide support, and build confidence in new knowledge. Most importantly, all of our content is created by experts in their respective fields. You can count on our innovation and precision.

Unlike other educational eLearning solutions, Edccelerate's programs are available direct to consumer as well as to school districts to ensure that access is universally available.

Solutions for Families

For students, our comprehensive video library includes tailored, personal video instruction mini lessons created by certified teachers who understand common errors, misconceptions, and challenges in the skills they instruct. Filter by grade, subject, or topic, or use the Search field to locate content that covers Common Core (CCSS), Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), or state standards. Find target videos that cover the specific skills your child needs to review, or use as an introduction to a new concept to enrich your child's educational experiences.
For parents, our Insights for Parents Video Bundle offers many ways for you to support your child's academic learning and nurture their creativity, fostering a love of learning along the way. Our Insights for Parents videos provide a wealth of steps, approaches, perspectives, and considerations from academic counselors and child psychologists who have guided students and their families to success for many years.

Solutions for Teachers

Our Professional Development Video Bundle contains a wide variety of innovative options for instruction, overall pedagogical approach, and meeting each individual child where they are to help them in the ways that they learn best. Our core team of educational leaders covers a wide range of topics and demonstrates many invaluable techniques and approaches that can be used in the "classroom," whether virtual or in person.
In these ever-changing times, teachers need to be more agile in instructional methods than ever before. Whether presenting concepts during truncated in-person classes without the ability to group students, or whether teaching a fully remote cohort of students, you may find yourself in need of additional support and ideas for these unique forms of instruction. Our team understands your concerns and challenges and has a wealth of ideas to help you effectively implement new strategies inside your classroom, whether in person or remotely.

For Students

Learn with mini-lessons

📌 Math 📌 Science 📌 Social Studies 📌 Reading & Writing

Access a curated collection of mini lessons to build your learner's solid foundation

Explore with extra credit videos

📌 Art 📌 Music
📌 Activities 📌 Careers

Stay engaged with enriching topics that promote a well-rounded student and an enriching life

Interact in the think tank

📌 Live sessions 📌 Homework help 📌 Demonstrations 📌 Book clubs

Connect to educational professionals and peers in an interactive environment

    Student Library includes access to all core subject (ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies) videos across all available grades, plus accompanying downloadable worksheets and answer keys, and dynamic quizzes

For Parents

Discover with videos on academic support

📌 Setting goals
📌 Establishing structure
📌 Following through

Consider new approaches and refine existing approaches to help support your child's academic journey

Reflect with videos on
social-emotional support

📌 Internalizing feedback
📌 Handling disappointment
📌 Managing social interaction

Understand the many ways you can support your child's social-emotional development

Discuss in roundtable sessions

📌 Learning trends
📌 Social challenges
📌 Creative solutions

Find a helpful community through moderated roundtable discussion about topics that matter to you

    Parent Library includes access to all videos in the Parents section, plus accompanying downloadable workspace worksheets and situational quizzes

For Teachers

Develop with videos to expand instructional skills

📌 Classroom management
📌 Virtual learning methods
📌 Creative teaching

Gain crucial skills to further your instruction both inside the classroom and virtually

Support with videos on
social-emotional development

📌 Establishing expectations
📌 Communicating effectively
📌 Providing encouragement

Work through a variety of ideas to interact with students to promote a growth mindset

Collaborate through thoughtful discussion

📌 Instructional support
📌 Dynamic engagement
📌 Strategic planning

Engage with colleagues in small-group discussion on targeted topics relevant to today's instructional challenges

    Teacher Library includes access to all videos in the Teachers section, plus accompanying downloadable workspace worksheets and scenario-based quizzes